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JK Infra & Management Systems (JKIMS)

After spending years with Facilities Management, Operation & Maintenance of Telecom Infrastructure, Installation & Commissioning & AMC (of Electrical, Security & Safety systems) business, I feel very privileged in conveying this message to all our beloved customers.

Our objectives and goals are to provide the clients with personalized services in a thoroughly professional manner and at a reasonable price. . We always look forward to new challenges, innovations and expansions of our services to please our customers. Ultimately, we value the needs of our clients, their business relationship and their reputation. JKIMS is a fast evolving service provider, which has grown to serve the projects in the group as well as in the open market.

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+91 7710779599 or info@jkims.co.in


As an employer of choice, we will be the market leader as a preferred service and solution provider.


We exist to enhance the quality of life of our customers and contribute to the well being of our employees, society and environment


J- Job Satisfaction
K- Kindness
I - Integrity
M - Maintain Prospective
S - Sustainability

Our History

Superior Roofing Services

Our Most Efficient Year

We celebrate individuality and respect the differences of our varied teams. We are united by our difference and this means that our people flourish in an environment that allows them to produce and be their very best. We trust that you will soon have a need for one of our services and we look forward to welcoming you on board as one of our valued clients. We are the very best to work with and work for.

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