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House Keeping and Waste Management

Rain Water Harvesting Plant

E2E Maintenance of Electrical Systems

Energy Conservation

Intercom Maintenance

Lift Maintenance – AMC & In-house

Fire Safety - Fire Fighting equipments

Sewerage Treatment Plant

Pumps Maintenance

Plumbing , Painting & Civil Work

Diesel Filling for DG’s

Pest Control


  • To co-ordinate with various service providers, and contractors for AMCs such as Security, House Keeping, Lift Maintenance, Pumps Maintenance, Intercom Maintenance, Fire Fighting equipments maintenance, Health Club, Garden, etc…
  • To formulate various Standard Operating Systems in respect of all the Service Providers and ensure compliance.
  • To monitor the services of various Service Providers, and if need be, identify alternate service providers.
  • To liaison with various govt. and local bodies to ensure proper supply of water, electricity and other necessities.
  • To formulate and train the security staff for emergency situation handling and to keep in place emergency management systems.
  • To obtain quotations, and supervise during the repair works, whenever and wherever necessary.
  • To ensure that all the infrastructure and facilities provided in the building are maintained in proper shape and working condition.
  • To Implement Complaint handling & Acknowledging Process by Using Soft Services( Like through SMS & What’s-app messages, Mails Etc.)
  • To attend to the complaints of members and solve their problems.
  • To do all such other works are as necessary to maintain the property.
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